by Jullian Akahori-Nazzaro Jullian Akahori-Nazzaro is a Shizuoka and Boston-based visual artist who specializes in stylized animal portraits. They have been in the digital art scene since 2009, and enjoy integrating traditional and digital techniques in their work. As a biracial, non-binary artist and interdisciplinary learner, they are inspired by the “in- between” and strive […]

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When my grandmother talks about growing up in Old Delhi, during the final years of the British Raj, her stories tend to be selective and rose-tinted —

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Does he even exist?

Lance him through the chest, if you wish. He won’t feel it. You might not, either. So little is solid enough to touch. Drifting inches above the ground, at once weightless and oh so heavy. So tired.

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I have written too many love poems
as someone who has never held hands and felt
the urge to not let go,

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