by Tara Guo

Thing with the black tentacles
Coiffed into a knob
At the base of its white
Neck, powdered like a corpse.

Profane body escorted by
Cannibal eyes —
A skeletal waltz,
The face of a gutted fish.

Vinegar and salt coating
The tongues of men.
‘An acquired taste,’ truly
Exquisite flesh.

Bone corset ripped away
From pale skin —
Calling out, ‘Devour, devour me
— oh my conqueror.’

Like vultures, they descend
In Bacchant fervor,
Feasting on her body,
The Carnal Orient.


Tara Guo is a junior currently studying at Amherst College in Western Massachusetts. Paired with her love for reading and social activism, her fields of study include English Literature and American Studies, with a focus on Asian America. Originally from the Chicagoland area, Tara is a first-generation college student, Schuler Scholar, and an aspiring poet. In her spare time, she enjoys looking at wholesome memes and cooking traditional Chinese dishes. She is also the recipient of the College’s Armstrong Prize and the Colin Armstrong Poetry Prize.